QlikDevGroup and Me

For those who weren’t able to attend the QlikDevGroup event last night in London I have some very special and personal news.

It’s with great pride I’m able to let you know that I’m now on the leadership team for the London event.

I’ve already been working with them from the very beginning. I was also very fortunate that my employer Ometis also saw the potential of the group so much so they flew me back from a client site in Europe so I could attend the first event.

Since then I’ve worked in the background spreading the word, helping to arrange sponsorship and videoing the events.

The leadership team is open to anyone who wishes to nominate themselves each year. This year I put myself forward because one of the original leaders (DV) stepped down as he’s expecting his first child so soon now he was clutching his phone last night at the event.

So I’m looking forward to the next year. I have lots of ideas of how to take the group forward and how we can reach more qlik developers that are out there locally and around the world.

If you have any thought also please get in touch either directly or via the groups contact page.

Many thanks


7 responses to “QlikDevGroup and Me

  1. Congratulations Richard, having worked with you on a number of occasions, I have no doubt that your continued contribution and now leadership will be invaluable to the group – well done.


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