QlikDevGroup – Update


Yesterday evening saw the forth instalment of the QlikDevGroup in London. Again I was lucky enough to be able to attend.

Henric Cronström was the Key Note Speaker and he gave us a combined presentation around the history of the QuikView company (and why they missed out the ‘C’ in their original name) and how The Qlik Engine works which I’ve documented here on my blog.

Of course you really has to be there to get the full benefit and unfortunately not everyone is able to. After some feedback to me about this issue I approached the organisers and we’ve filmed yesterdays session!

With that footage I will be creating a number of 10 min short videos which I will post here, on my YouTube channel (QlikCentral) and also on the soon to be set up QlikDevGroup YouTube channel. (please remember to subscribe so you are notified of the Videos release!)

Further news is that the QlikDevGroup is now spreading their model to other country’s so keep an eye out for those. Or, if you would like to start your own I’d encourage you to contact the QlikDevGroup team directly.

Happy Qliking.






QlikDevGroup on Tour

QlikDevGroup on Tour

2 responses to “QlikDevGroup – Update

    • Hi Rob.

      I spoke with the guys about this. It’s a bit beyond my expertise though. I imagine someone attending may know how to do it and offer their services.

      Challenge is around what can and can’t be shown. Great thing about the group is its very open and candid, the live broadcast would have to accommodate that.

      Personal view would be that the guys do separate online sessions. Training on specific topics covered at the event but in more detail (like the training you deliver). I think that would be a great addition.



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