Advanced Filters In Flat Design

To continue a series of post on QlikView Flat design here I talk you through the functionality of the advanced filters


Note: I’ve recorded the videos in highest resolution possible. So please view them in 1080 or 720P (HD) for best quality. Cheers!

2 responses to “Advanced Filters In Flat Design

  1. Will the creation of the data island automatically exclude fields that have a prefix designated as the ‘Hide prefix’ (e.g. % or _)? Or would I need to add a Where statement to explicitly skip over those fields?


  2. Hi Brian,

    That’s a good point, in this example it wouldn’t do that automatically
    You would need to add a conditional ‘IF’ statement around the autogenerate;

    For vCurser = 1 to NoOfFields(‘$(vTable)’);
    LET vFieldName = FieldName(vCurser,’$(vTable)’);

    if left(vFieldName,1)’%’ and left(vFieldName,1)’_’ then

    ‘$(vFieldName)’ as %AF_FieldName
    ,’$(vTable)’ as %AF_TableName
    AutoGenerate 1;


    NEXT vCurser


    PS – I’ve added the QVW to the Qlik comunity now


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