Reviewing QlikCentral Blog Layout and Categories


I’ve spent some time today trying to organise the blog a little better. When I originally set this QlikView blog up I had an idea that all posts would fall into either Understand, Create or Inform (hence the tag line of the blog above)

As the months have gone by more categories were added and as such I thought it was time for a review which should hopefully allow people to find what they’re interested in quickly. I’ve added more to “Video Tutorial” and created a new “Best Practice” and “News / Updates category”.

I’ll be make more changes over the coming weeks so please let me know if you have any ideas on ways you’d like the posts to be organised.

I’ve also made a few cosmetic changes around the branding and general look and feel.


Thanks for everyone’s support this past year, its great to se the visitors grow in number and thanks for all the positive comments that have been left.

Kind Regards



PS – Look forward to seeing you in London on the 22-oct for the Qlik event!




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