Requirements Checklist

A short while ago I wrote about how to gather requirements for a QlikView project. Here is a check list to ensure you capture all the things you need to know. I plan to upload some simple documents soon to help record expressions, table and field information during your development phase.

Hopefully I’ve covered most things, I’d love to know if I’ve missed anything so please leave a comment for me.

Happy Qlik-ing,


  • List of metrics / Key performance indicators (KPI’s) including:
    • Detail of calculation (Fields, Table Locations, Rules)
    • Hierarchy / Priority (For example these metrics drive this KPI. This KPI should be shown on the summary)
    • Dimension fields to trend against (For example time, Store, Product)
  • Filters
    • Fields Required for Filtering information (including location)
    • Grouping information (for example: Product, Department ,etc)
    • Field Priority (eight priority filters are displayed prominently)
  • Tables required (this is a summation of the metrics and dimensions mentioned above)
    • Location
    • Refresh Frequency
    • Load type (incremental / load and replace)
    • Any additional considerations (such as slowly changing dimensions)
    • Which fields are required for context / detail
    • History requirements including aggregation
  • List of key charts / views required
    • Type of chart (for example: Line, Bar, Combo, Straight table, Pivot Table)
    • Drill down groups (For example: Hierarchy’s)
    • Cycle Groups (for example: Bar Charts cycling through metrics A, B, C)
  • Dashboard functionality
    • Is a full and light version needed
    • Update frequency
    • Any other must have functionality
  • Users
    • Who requires access
    • When is access most likely to peak (to preload the dashboard)
    • Is there any security required (access and data limitations)
    • How will the dashboard be accessed (AJAX, IE Plug-in, Tablet)
    • Colour blind option
    • Are there any language requirements
  • General / other Requirements (For example BAU Support SLA’s)

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