Variable OCD

QlikView allows variables to be added via the script and variable editor.

Sometimes you’ll come across dashboards, maybe you have created with countless variables,

  • how do we know if they’re still in use if they’re not managed?
  • How do we know old variables aren’t causing data issues that we just don’t spot?

In this video I’ll talk you though a scenario and explain how deleting variables within the script  works (and when it doesn’t).

(Note: I’ve recorded the videos in highest resolution possible. So please view them in 1080 or 720P (HD) for best quality. Cheers!)


The golden rules:

  1. Declare all variables in the script (even those used in the user interface) – Remember to comment their use
  2. Delete any variables at the end of the script that are no longer required
  3. Before you release delete all the variables and run the script….. the dashboard should perform perfectly



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