Qlik Developers Group

Excited to let you know about a new group forming in the UK for Qlik developers. The Qlik Developers Group has been set up by three passionate developers with the aim of bringing people together over a slice of pizza and perhaps even a beer to discuss new ideas and share understanding.

Last month I was in London for the Qlik Visualise Your World event and the evening before myself and the three organisers of the event met for drinks (on the 38th floor of the Gherkin no less) and was able to get first hand insight on their plans and, as I’d had a few drinks, I threw in a few suggestions too.

View from the 42nd floor of the Gherkin

View from the 42nd floor of the Gherkin

It’s been a busy few weeks for Qlik events. As mentioned there was the visualise your world conference and last week I also attended the QlikSense Partner event where I had my first go at creating a QlikSense dashboard.

The Qlik Developers Group key note speakers are Qlik Labs themselves who, we are told, will be showing us what they’re working on!!! Really looking forward to that and hopefully understanding more around their roadmap for QlikSense and QlikView over the coming months and years.

According to the Qlik Developers Group site there’s limited space but still places so if you’re in London on the 25th November why not contact them!?

My First QlikSense Dashboard

My First QlikSense Dashboard

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