Qlik Education with Qlik Branch guru Brian Munz 23rd May 2017

Hey everyone,

Its been a manic few months for me with the QlikDevGroup. From joining just over a year ago initially it was a struggle to find something I could really run with and champion. One of the things I’ve been heavily involved in (not taking away from the contribution of Jason and Matt) is the QDG Education days.

We’ve had one so far in March with Websy teaching people how to take a QlikView application and turn it into a sense mashup.

Out next offering is looking to be as much of a success as the first. We’re putting on a full day with the Qlik Branch Team with Brian Munz on the 23rd of May 2017, he’s prepared something unique for us, aimed at Qlik developers he will give you a crash course in sense extension development!

Have you used Qlik Sense yet? If you have you know it’s the future. You’ll also know Sense extensions are a big part of that future. Problem is although Sense seems vary familiar extensions are another matter. The development hub, the code, best practice, and just simply where to start can feel intimidating.

We have to push on and learn though regardless of these initial challenges in order to keep up with the way things are heading.

I don’t know if you agree with me on this statement, “I don’t know javascript but hey, I’ve been programming from 20 years so how hard can it be? All I need is a leg up to get me going in the right direction!”

That’s what this day is all about! Spaces are limited so get yours reserved  today!



Tell me more….

QDD Education with Websy

QDD Education with Websy

Aside from our normally evening offering of beer, pizza and great Qlik banter the Education days are designed to take your development a step further with full day classroom style training. At the end of the day you’ll have new skills that you’ll be able to use in the real world.

Out last session saw 50 people go through the steps needed to create a Qlik Sense web mashup. They were taken through the theory, the reasons, the code required and helped every step of the way.

We also provided the coffee and food to keep everyone fueled and alert the whole day through!

QDG Education

QDG Education

What people were saying after the event…

“Opened my eyes to what is possible with Qlik Sense and web pages.”

“Hands on training – always better than being talked at! I learned some good new things i.e. use of Bootstrap.”

“Tips and discussion about migrating things to QlikSense”

“The pace was good for understanding and learning.”

“It was nicely organized. I felt that the presenters and the “support staff” had a previously preparation. This demonstrates they were committed with the  success of the event!”


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