Qlik Education with Nick Webster 23rd March in London

I’ve personally being putting in a lot of my spare time recently (along with the other London QlikDevGroup leaders) to organise a days training in London led by Nick Webster (of Qlik Branch fame) Websy.io .

Nick will be taking 50 people through how to migrate a QlikView application to Qlik Sense and highlight the differences between the two.

But that’s just the start!  Websy will walk you through building your first Web App powered by Qlik Sense using easy to follow steps.

You’ll be taught key skills in:

  • The Bootstrap CSS framework
  • The Qlik Capability APIs
  • JavaScript

This is all happening on the 23rd March in London and you can register for the event via the QlikDevGroup website.

The background around this is myself, Jason and Matt have spoken in length around how accessible training is for developers. Sometimes cost of such events will put off sole developers not backed by their employers with a training budget so we looked to see how cheaply we could do this for. Typically training like this would cost in the region of £500 although we have brought the cost down to £200!

Now, just so everyone knows the bigger picture, the QlikDevGroup supports itself by sponsorship and so far we’ve done well. Our heads are above the water so to speak although we always have to be mindful of the money running out. If we fill the course we will turn a small profit and to be clear with everyone that profit will go back into the QDG finances (neither Jason, Matt or myself will retire on this!). The evening QDG events will remain free!

Please if you can support the QDG and get yourself registered for the course. It will be loads of fun, we’ll supply your lunch and refreshments and you’ll come away with a lot more knowledge about these key areas from one of the best in the business.





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