QlikDevGroup meeting 24th March with Donald Farmer

Hi everyone,

For those who read my blog know I’m a big advocate of the recently formed QlikDevGroup. I was fortunate to be invited to their first event last year in Qlik towers (tower 42) and, in the most recent meeting yesterday, was asked to present myself. 

Yesterday’s event topped the charts with a record attendance of around 80 Qlik developers with the key note speech given by the one and only Donanld Farmer. 

Yesterday’s event was the first session sponsored by private companies (the first two Qlik themselves stumped up the cash). So a big thank you to Ometis and Modis for your support. 




First off we heard from Donald Farmer, Vice President of Innovation and Design at Qlik. We heard great insight around the concept of this innovation which is what the QlikDevGroup is all about. 

Also he praised the power of the collective effort of so many external developers working with QlikView and QlikSense allowing the product to become so much more and likening it to Apples iTunes Store full of applications. 

I did my bit too. Asked to present on a simple function I developed a few years ago – Audit logging, details of this can be found here Audit Logging


Where next for the QlikDevGroup? Well it’s exciting news. The next key note speaker confirmed will be none other than ……..  Well can’t say yet but it’s going to be great!!

See you there








4 responses to “QlikDevGroup meeting 24th March with Donald Farmer

  1. Hi Richard,

    I have been following the growth of the QlikDevGroug since the beginning and I truly feel envy of not having the possibility to have something like that (I live in Medellín, Colombia) because we do not have many Qlik fans here.

    Keep doing it!


    • Hi Ryuma,

      Thanks for your comment. I was talking to other delegates yesterday about filming upcoming events and following your comment here I’ve put that to the organisers. Of course it won’t be the same as attending and some of the information we get from Qlik we’re sworn to secrecy on (new exciting developments due for future realise). That said hopefully if we can organise some videos that will be useful to yourself and others.

      Also, on the grapevine from Qlik, is their plans to roll out the idea being pioneered here to other countries. Still run by volunteers external to Qlik (food for thought)




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