Qlik Developer Group second meeting

Here I am sat waiting for my train back from London to Sheffield. It’s 9:30pm and because the train stops at every station it will be after 1am until I’m home.

The reason for the long day is because the Qlik Developer Group have had their second meeting this evening. I was at the first and already, two months later, the event has grown with lots more eager Qlik developers taking advantage of the free food and drink (not to mention the sharing of all things Qlik related)

Before the meeting started I had a chat with Matthew Stephens from Qlik who’s backing the idea. I was honest with him. The problem with most Qlik events, partner or otherwise, is they are often a sales pitch and not aimed at developers. You get the odd breakout session but that’s all.

A long time ago I was asked to talk at a large Qlik event aimed at NHS Customers. I gave them what I would have wanted. A walk through of your first steps in deploying QlikView.

Matthew agreed with me. He talked about a similar group set up for SQL developers and now, many years later, it holds events which run for a number of days.

I can really see the Qlik Dev Group becoming as big which would be fantastic.

If you’ve not heard of the group they aim to bring together developers to talk around their real life
Qlik developments they’ve worked on how they have improved the life’s of their clients. If could be a straight table where a user can choose the fields to be included or a current selection box which changes field names to support multiple languages.

Ok, it often clever work arounds which have been developed over time using QlikView, this is certainly not covering out of the box functionality and there’s an expectation of the audience that they come with a certain amount of knowledge and understanding.

Their next meeting is scheduled for late March and will include a key note speech from Donald Farmer. Not to be missed!


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