Audit Log – Store Log

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Stores the audit log into the appropriate folder (ensure you set the variables as required)





//**************Store Audit Log*****************
IF noOfRows(‘AuditLog’) <> null() then

 LET QVDDateAppendix   = TimeStamp(Now(),’YYYYMM’);

if not isnull(filetime(‘$(vQVDPath)$(vRootFolderPath)AuditLog\$(vAuditLog_Application)_$(QVDDateAppendix).qvd’)) Then // Check the file exists

LOAD * From [$(vQVDPath)$(vRootFolderPath)AuditLog\$(vAuditLog_Application)_$(QVDDateAppendix).qvd]  (QVD);


STORE * FROM [AuditLog] INTO [$(vQVDPath)$(vRootFolderPath)AuditLog\$(vAuditLog_Application)_$(QVDDateAppendix).qvd]  ;

DROP Table [AuditLog];


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