Audit Log – Load Table

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Loads the time taken to load the table along with the size





/**********Update start for audit log***********/
LET vAuditLog_Start = TimeStamp(Now());
Load * from
[C:FACT_FILE.qvd] (qvd);



// Store the table size & Duration in audit log
/***************Update audit log****************/
LET vTable = ‘FACT_Table’; LET vRows  = NoOfRows(‘$(vTable)’);  LET vFields = NoOfFields(‘$(vTable)’);
CALL AuditLog (‘$(vCycleStart)’,’$(vAuditLog_Application)’,’QVD FACT Row Count’,’$(vTable)’,’$(vRows)’,’$(vAuditLog_Start)’);
CALL AuditLog (‘$(vCycleStart)’,’$(vAuditLog_Application)’,’QVD FACT Field Count’,’$(vTable)’,’$(vFields)’,’$(vAuditLog_Start)’);
CALL AuditLog (‘$(vCycleStart)’,’$(vAuditLog_Application)’,’Duration’,’$(vTable)’,”,’$(vAuditLog_Start)’);
LET vTable =; LET vRows  = ;  LET vFields = ;
/***************Update audit log****************/
CALL AuditLog (‘$(vCycleStart)’,’$(vAuditLog_Application)’,’Duration’,’FACT_Table’,”,’$(vAuditLog_Start)’);

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