Fixing Set Analysis in Qlik

Set Analysis is a very powerful tool in Qlik, put simply it allows you to pre-define selections on an expression.

Typically your first type of set analysis will be simple, such as Sum({<Region={‘North’}>} Sales) giving you a view of that regions sales. Soon though you want to make the selections dynamic, usually that first step will be to show the latest sales figures. For this you will need dollar expansion.

Before you start: Henric Cronström gave a detailed explanation on how set analysis works in Qlik at the QlikDevGroup event in London, you can see the video of that talk here.

Dollar Expansion allows you to dynamically add a value to set analysis although for the new developer (and some experienced ones) it may not work the first time, there are many reasons why that can happen so knowing how to debug your expression is vital.

In this video I talk about:

  • Importance of checking your data
  • Using the expression label to see what Qlik is seeing
  • Taking things step by step


Note: I’ve recorded the videos in highest resolution possible. So please view them in 1080 or 720P (HD) for best quality. Cheers!


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