Qlik Developers Group

Heading away from London now after visiting to be a part of the first Qlik Developer Group meeting at Qlik towers.

They had amazing success with a full round table of passionate and notable Qlik developers in attendance.

One of the key highlights (apart from the beer and pizza laid on by Qlik ) was the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Qlik Labs


I’d love to tell you more about what we talked about there although we were sworn to secrecy.

If you didn’t know Qlik Labs are a small group of people who look at ideas and prototypes of what could be included. Not all of there experiments make it though…. As you could imagine it was a great session glimpsing at what the future could hold for QlikView and qliksense.

The guys did say the one draw back of working at Qlik towers is the view…. Judge for yourself …


The group was a great place to meet other like minded developers and swap ideas. We had a couple f demonstrations from the organisers (who won’t demonstrate every time ) around custom charts and integrating SQL tables and fields. All of which I’m told will be uploaded soon to their site.


We also spoke around future ideas. One really great idea was a hackathon for a good cause!

They expect the next meeting to be in the months and I expect interest to be high. There’s talk of another Qlik speaker being available but rather than say here now I’ll let the guys confirm when it’s known.


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